About Us

The Hematite Fire Protection District is a combination-staffed District which serves 47 square miles of southeast Jefferson County, Missouri.  Formed in 1955, the Hematite Volunteer Fire Department served until voter approval was obtained in 1975 to form the Hematite Fire Protection District. In 1998 the District asked the voters for a twenty-five cent tax increase and was passed by voter approval.   The District hired Chief Robert Hipes Jr. as its first Full Time Chief in 1999.  In 2016 the District asked the voters to approve a 25 cent tax increase and was passed by voter approval. 

Currently the District employees four full-time employees, Chief who works 8-hour shifts Monday-Friday and 3 full-time Firefighters who work 48-hour shifts, the District also has 15 Volunteers, and 5 Part-timers. 

The Fire District covers both DeSoto School District, Festus School District and Hillsboro School District.  About 95% of the District is covered by Joachim-Plattin Ambulance District and 5% covered by Valle Ambulance District.